Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Welcome to my newest adventure: Cooking through an Italian cookbook!

Now, before you accuse me of copying "Julia & Julie," the movie was not the inspiration behind this blog.

A couple of things you need to know about me:
*I love to cook. Absolutely.love.it. I am inspired by it, and often, cooking re-energizes me in a way that few other things do.
*I love Italian food. Pasta, garlic, basil, olive oil, tomatoes. Love, Love, Love!!
*I love to talk about food.
*I already blog about my family.
(So, it is only natural for me to blog about cooking!)
*I am not Italian. I wish I could claim such a rich cultural and culinary heritage. But, I am simply a small-town American girl.
*My husband is not Italian, either. But he loves garlic, basil, olive oil, tomatoes, and most of all, pasta! He loves to eat; I love to cook. It is the perfect marriage!

I am excited to cook my way through this cookbook, learning our tastebuds' preferences as well as learning to cook Italian-style. I will post pictures as often as I can of my finished meal, but my camera is a bit lousy, so I make no guarantees about this. I will not post the recipes, as I don't want to have any copyright issues. You can reference the recipes via the cookbook.

Oh, another thing. I don't have an ending deadline, like the aforementioned movie had. Nothing magical happens after a year. I simply want to cook, and cook my way through this cookbook. It is my hope to do this as authentically as possible, and I don't want to rush the process. So, if my family and I decide at some point that we are going to have chipotle enchiladas for dinner, I will feel zero guilt about that! I'm just sayin'.

I am going to go ahead and go live with this blog, but hang on as I tweak and "decorate" it to my style and tastes.

I love reading comments, so please leave them! And often!

Thanks for joining me on this adventure! I'm excited!


  1. SO excited you started this cooking adventure and that you're allowing us a peek into it! ;)
    How did it cook, using the cast iron skillet?

  2. It cooked great! I disregarded the cooking time and just let it bake until the egg set. Voila!


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