Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bolognese Rice Cake

Having read in my cookbook that this cake was traditionally made at Easter, I decided that since this weekend was indeed Easter, that I would try this recipe to add to my family's Easter dinner spread.
After reading through the ingredients and recipe, and determining that I didn't have all the ingredients, I proceeded to forget that I didn't have everything I needed until after I started. (I do this often, as well as not reading a recipe completely through before starting!) I also started it way too late in the evening, so it was near midnight when I was done in the kitchen. Bother.
Anway, the rice simmered in the milk, according to the recipe, for over 2 1/2 hours. Since I was missing "candied citron" and didn't even know what that was, I googled it and found a recipe that used lemon and orange as a substitute. I cooked the fruit in a syrup while the rice simmered. The rice was supposed to turn to "mush" but it took forever and even then, I'm not sure it was the consistency that it was supposed to be. But since it was already 10:30 pm, I continued.
The cake batter came together fine and baked fine. However, the rice was still crunchy. Not sure that it was supposed to be crunchy.
The verdict: The rum that I poured on top of the inverted cake gave it a very rich and intense flavor. My husband didn't care for it at all, as he isn't a fan of fruit zest (this cake had a significant amount of zest). My extended family didn't care for the crunch of the rice, and I certainly can't blame them for that! I was encouraged to try this recipe again, and see if I could get the rice to be softer the next time.
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  1. Rice can be such a pain! I've had a few crunchy rice dishes myself. It does sound good, though! : )


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