Monday, April 5, 2010

Chicken, Vegetables, Pasta, & Foccacia

Unlike the gnocchi meal (which I was dreading, by the way!), I was really looking foward to this meal. Certainly roast chicken would taste wonderful! And it did! I made more dishes for this meal than I had for previous ones; at the last minute, I invited my mom to join us for dinner, so I threw together a simple pasta dish.

The spread!

Roast Chicken with Lemons. Pretty straightforward and very delicious! And so easy....this ole' bird cooked itself!

Oh, artichokes. I so want to like you. As my dad always said, "If you eat those things, you "artichoke." (You know, "oughta choke." Get it?? Oh, never mind.) First off, the little suckers hurt if the ends of the leaves poke you with their little thorns. Very ouch. Secondly, they are a lot of work to prepare and even eat for the small amount that is truly edible in each leaf. Of course, it didn't help that I burned them a makes me nervous. Yeah, we'll go with that excuse.

Fettuccine with Butter & Sage Sauce. Again, very simple and straightforward. I really like the flavor of sage--next time, I might add more. It was nice having a large bundle of pasta already made and on-hand in the pantry for this last-minute dish.

My family is a HUGE fan of foccacia, thanks to last week's trial. Tonight, I added onions sauteed in olive oil to the top of the loaf. Sweet, carmelized, yeasty, chewy. Pretty much a perfect food. I'm sooooo glad that there are leftovers!
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