Saturday, April 3, 2010

Potato Gnocchi with Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter

"The word gnocco in Italian means a little lump....Gastronomically speaking, however, gnocchi should be anything but lumpish."
My gnocchi was a disaster. I call it a disaster without even having anything to compare it to, having never had gnocchi anyplace else. It was very likely all wrong from the very beginning, starting with the choice of potato that I used. The cookbook said to get "boiling" potatoes; pretty sure I didn't see that variety at my Meijer!
Anyway, I think I used too many potatoes, not really knowing how they would end up. (Gotta love cookbooks without pictures--we visual people are in BIG trouble! ;) )
It was a sticky mess. So I kept adding flour, which was probably another mistake. At this point, I wanted to walk away and go to Carlos O'Kelley's, or someplace non-Italian, for dinner.
But I forged ahead, and dropped a couple of my little flour lumps into the boiling water to test them, just like the cookbook said to. Yep. They tasted doughy and floury. Yum. :(
I decided to make enough to serve to the 4 of us, plus a sauced dish of them to photograph. As soon as I had gnocchi in five bowls, I promptly dumped half a box of store-bought spaghetti noodles into my pot of boiling water. Just in case. (The rest of the sticky lump of dough was scraped right into the trash can.)
So, lesson learned with the gnocchi: watch someone either on YouTube or on a food channel make gnocchi before I attempt them again.
Now, the sauce.....oh, the sauce. The sauce was delicious!! Very simple, and right up my tastebuds' alley! Tomatoes, 1 1/2 onions (peeled and halved), and a stick of butter. Let it simmer slowly and then remove the chunks of onions. Nice. Wonderful. Definitely making that sauce again! It coated my leftover spaghetti noodles beautifully.
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