Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shredded Carrot Salad with Arugula

I didn't exactly shred my carrots, as the picture will testify. In all reality, I knew that my children wouldn't eat the arugula (they didn't the previous time I served it), so I didn't actually follow the recipe in the cookbook. Truthfully, I only made this and served it because my menu plan was planned to include this salad with the gnocchi that I made.
It looks pretty, but my husband and I decided that the flavor is a bit too strong for our preferences when it is by itself in a salad and not mixed with romaine.
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  1. OK, so several things come to mind as I read your blog posts. The most important is that the pregnant-me cannot read blogs about delicious food without developing a craving. :)

    I actually like Gnocchi, as well as all things "dumpling-like". I hope you find the courage to try again!

    I share your children's aversion to Arugula. I don't know why it is used to often in Italian recipes. I think it tastes bitter. Or perhaps I have never had it prepared correctly? I don't know, but I've tried it twice and was not a fan.

    I'm putting the pasta attachment on my Christmas list (or birthday?), too! We eat a LOT of pasta and I think I would enjoy making my own noodles. Glad you got to learn!

    And the sauce sounds yummy. I like onion flavor, but NO chunks! :)


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