Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Greek Fest Dinner

This was my "fun" Saturday activity....tucked away in my kitchen, windows open, the sound of childrens' laughter (along with crying and fighting, who am I kidding?!) wafting in from the great outdoors. This meal with take you all day to make, but the delight you will get from the first bite to the last will be completely worth all your time and effort. Trust me.

(In the hopes of saving some of the time still left in this day, I am just going to link you to all the recipes, since I got all of them from online. Three of them came from Annie's Eats, a food blog that I just adore. As I've stated before, I've yet to be disappointed with any of her recipes!) Please click on the name of the dish for the link to the recipe.

So, roll up your sleeves, get your flour and measuring cups out, and have a blast!!!

Pita Bread
Fresh, homemade. I've made these pitas before, but this time they turned out perfect! I'll be hard-pressed to buy pita bread in the store anytime soon....

These, in Annie's words (I think she described them this way!), are "mind-blowing." Truly. They are amazing. I love the marinade that the chicken soaked in all afternoon, and the tzatziki sauce is outta-this-world! One will fill you up completely, but you will want a second one before you say "uncle." This is a lot of fun to make, as well. You get to strain the liquid out of the Greek yogurt, and wring the liquid out of a shredded cucumber! Fun times!

My good friend shared this recipe with me prior to a Ladies' Soup Buffet that she hosted at her house. I love how the light lemon flavor coupled with the thick creaminess of the rice comes out in this.
When I first showed my husband the picture of this salad online, he turned his nose up at it and declared that he didn't think he would like it (which is very uncharacteristic of my "I'll eat pretty much anything" husband). Needless to say, this was very good and he loved it! Surprise, surprise. I used Roma tomatoes instead of cherry, and added crumbled goat cheese to my feta, since I didn't really have enough.

I cannot wait until I can make this dinner again!!!

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