Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Taking a Break

Ok, so I have posted 45 blog entries on my Italian cooking adventure since the end of March. In that time, I have made homemade pasta, simmered a couple different sauces, braised a couple different types of vegetables, tried and failed at gnocchi, baked chickens in new ways, and have grown confident in making foccacia. I have purchased a lot of cheese, tomatoes, and olive oil. Some of the recipes I have been excited about, and some I have been very nervous about. My cooking brain has started to think in Italian (well, not really since I don't know Italian, but you get the idea!)

However, this past round of recipes, truth be told, I was less-than-enthused with. I wasn't estatic about the flavors that I knew would be greeting my tastebuds after 2 hours spent in the kitchen, often on my own, while El Hub was working and the kids were fighting/crying in the not-to-distant background.

So, I decided that life is just simply too short to not be passionate about what I am cooking. So, I am taking a 2-week break from Italian cooking (and menu planning, and grocery shopping for the pricey ingredients!) and am going to revisit some of my favorite meals from my standard, but ever-growing, collection of recipes.

Some of you expressed interest on my Facebook page (did you know that The Culinary Enthusiast has a page?? Are you a fan yet?) for the non-Italian recipes, and I am more than happy to oblige you! After all, it has become standard procedure to take pictures of my meals before I eat!!

So check back daily for the latest and greatest! (Oh, yeah.... If you want to make The Culinary Enthusiast super-enthused, leave a comment!!! I practically jump out of my skin when I read them!)

As a bit of a teaser, some of the tastes to look foward to include soup, Mexican, fish, chicken, and certainly a couple of desserts (those are unplanned as of yet, but my sweet tooth will demand sugar at some point!).


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