Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fruit Christmas Ornaments

I am sure that many of you will agree that there is something magical about a home that is beautifully decorated for Christmas.  The house is usually more de-cluttered than normal (a huge temptation for me to keep Christmas decorations up year-round!!  Just kidding--they are all put away before school resumes in January!), the lights twinkle, and all the extra touches that are meaningful to each person give one's home a special feeling during the Christmas season.

Several years ago, I made some of my own Christmas decorations....I'm not really even sure where the idea came from, but I went with it.  They are simple and lovely in their simplicity.

I simply placed sliced fruit in a food dehydrator and then poked a hole in the dried fruit to string a ribbon through.  I hung it lovingly on my Christmas tree, and voila!  Decorations!

I guess when I say "several years ago" it was really like 10 years ago, for the second year that my husband and I were married.  Time flies when you're living life!

This year I decided it was time to freshen up my fruit ornaments, and lucky for you, I took pictures along the way so I could share it with you.

{There is no recipe here, so just let your creative juices flow!}

Slice your desired fruit--I used 3 oranges and 4 Macintosh apples--about 1/4 inch thick and place in a food dehydrator.  I did mine overnight which was just about the right amount of time.  The apples will be soft and the oranges will no longer be juicy.

Make sure you leave a good amount of space between your slices so they dry evenly.

Remove your fruit from your dehydrator and get them ready to string the ribbon through.  My original set of ornaments I used strips of cute fabric with frayed edges for a more primitive look.

I redecorated my living room this summer, so this time around I decided to use some ribbon that was a bit shimmery and sparkly as to catch the lights on the tree.  However, the ribbon with the silver beads was way too thick to tie in a knot nicely, so I ended up not using that one.

I used a simple process here to poke my ribbon hole.  Once the fruit was dried and removed from the dehydrator, I used a small paring knife to cut a small slit in each slice.  With the oranges, it was easier to do this between the triangles of fruit flesh where there is a natural divider.  Just string your ribbon through and tie a knot on the end!  

Here are a couple of the finished pieces, all ready to be hung!  I think sometime I would like to make a fruit garland, and of course, the process is the same except you would put two holes in each piece and string them together.  Maybe next year that will be my project!

Here is my finished tree!  I need to play around with my dSLR camera and figure out how to take a picture with the lights blurred out, but until then, this one will have to do!  My Christmas tree is my absolute favorite part of all my Christmas decorations--cranberry garland, sprays of cranberries, rusted ornaments, rustic snowmen and angels, framed pictures of my 4 kids, homemade cinnamon gingerbread ornaments, fruit ornaments, and sometimes I stick cinnamon-scented pine cones in there too!  My tree is in my main floor living room, next to my fireplace, which is my favorite place to drink coffee!

Merry Christmas!  I would love to know what your favorite Christmas decoration is and if you have any homemade ones that you love!

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